I was born on a small island in Brazil and wanted to be able to sing and dance like Michael Jackson. But I’d rather spare you the singing.

To perceive music with all my senses, to notice what it triggers in me, how it takes control of me and makes me feel free, has fulfilled me since I was a child and will probably always be a part of me.

My journey has been a long one, as my childhood was marked by severe material limitations and emotional misfortunes, during which I learned what it means to be poor and to not only see but also feel the inequality of this world. Over the years, these experiences have helped me become a version of myself that I am at peace with and get closer to what is truly a priority in my life. On my personal development journey, I have come to realize more and more that my activities are always centered on the well-being of others and that it fills me with great joy to motivate and support fellow human beings to achieve their goals. This realization has ultimately led me to my personal vocation.

For years I have been teaching and helping people achieve their personal dance goals. In doing so, I have developed a good feeling for dealing empathetically with my clients and fellow human beings and adapting to their respective needs. The individual approach to each person is my highest priority. It is of great importance for me to recognize when a client needs motivating, demanding or empathetic words in order to be able to build up a fundamental trust, which is the basis for a goal-oriented cooperation.

Moved by the impressions what dance can trigger in people, I can’t help but pass this medium on to as many people as possible.

Together with my sports science background, I combine years of acquired knowledge from sports medicine, training science, psychology and neuroscience into a holistic model that flows into my teaching and hopefully can help many people.

Let yourself be inspired by my experiences and my positive nature. I look forward to accompanying you on your new paths, so that you can become your own best dancer.