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The special wedding dance

The most beautiful day of your life is coming up and you want it to be extraordinary?

You can’t imagine dancing a worn-out waltz like your parents? DD film or dance is already hanging out of your ears, but you want something that is similarly fiery, sensual, elegant and spices up your wedding?

Then Kizomba is just the right thing for you!

Together, let’s make your wedding dance something intimate that reflects your special connection and can be felt by your wedding guests.

And who knows maybe this dance is the beginning of a shared passion – an eternal dance into your future together. Which you share with your friends or even prefer to keep completely to yourselves.

We wish you that from the bottom of our hearts!

Included in this course package:

The Kizomba wedding dance

Background information

to dance and music

Advice on the selection of the song

Provision of suitable songs for the given occasion and own ideas

Analysis of the piece of music

How is the song structured, what is the tempo etc?.

Private lessons for the wedding couple

systematically & individually structured and scheduled

Learning the basic elements of dance

the correct dance postures and the passadas

Creative support

Embedding of highlights such as lifting figures, etc..

Learning a choreography

For the wedding dance or enable free dancing to the choice song

constant supervision

with assistance for questions etc.

full flexibility:

Courses available both online and on-site

Urban Kiz Wedding Dance